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Re:Name that deficiency

Paul Krombholz wrote:

Calcium levels of around 80 ppm should be fine.  Since TMG contains
we can also rule out the other nutrient whose deficiency causes death of
growing points.  I don't think that 40 ppm of potassium is excessive.
plant in your pictures looks like Ludwigia.  Is all the Ludwigia
Your said that Didiplis also looked bad.  Same symptoms?  Are there
species in the aquarium that are unaffected?  Any relationship between
light intensity and degree of severity?  I am wondering if we have a
toxicity or a disease.  I have not had any experiences with diseases
that I
know of, but they are a possibility.

I reply:

I wonder if for some reason iron would not stay chelated in solution and
therefore could not be measured, the other nutrients in TMG could poison
the plants. There is no reasonable way to measure this but excess
manganese is readily absorbed by plants and can produce toxic symptoms
such as black spots. Manganese might still remain in solution even if it
were not chelated. I keep thinking on how some people have reported that
when they switched to triphosphor lamps that plants did not do so well.
If the those lamps are capable of undoing the trace element chelation
then maybe there is an explaination there. UV light seems to be able to
do this. Maybe the high energy peaks of a triphosphor lamp can do this
as well. It does not seem reasonable that plants alone could account
that amount of trace elements. Where is the stuff going?