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Hi all.

Recently, a lot of stores seem to be offering "Lucky Bamboo" as an aquarium
plant.  This includes my own store.  Now, I assume it falls into the same
category as other great "aquarium plants," like Gold Dust, Green Sandy, and
Mondo Grass -- i.e., it'll do great if its roots are just in the water.
So... being the curious person I am, I took a 6' length of bamboo and stuck
it into the gravel of my 110.  (Yes, that is a six foot length)  Its now
sticking mostly out of the tank, with the snapped end in the gravel.  Anyone
have any tips on how well this is going to do?  It looks really...well,
really neat, and I'd love to construct a wall of them.   Is it more water
than the plant can handle?  Does it need only its, say, bottom inch or two
in the water, and not its bottom two feet?  My other question is more of
just a fun question... a lot of the bamboo offered in the stores is
curled -- it twists into really interesting shapes.  How in the world do you
get a plant that grows in straight spikes to turn into a curved plant?  So
far, the leading theory is that it is basically steamed until soft, then
reshaped and allowed to harden. . . .

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