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Re: Bamboo

Joshua Wiegert wrote:

>Hi all.
>Recently, a lot of stores seem to be offering "Lucky Bamboo" as an aquarium
>plant.  This includes my own store.  Now, I assume it falls into the same
>category as other great "aquarium plants," like Gold Dust, Green Sandy, and
>Mondo Grass -- i.e., it'll do great if its roots are just in the water.
>So... being the curious person I am, I took a 6' length of bamboo and stuck
>it into the gravel of my 110.  (Yes, that is a six foot length)  Its now
>sticking mostly out of the tank, with the snapped end in the gravel.  Anyone
>have any tips on how well this is going to do?  It looks really...well,
>really neat, and I'd love to construct a wall of them.   Is it more water
>than the plant can handle?  Does it need only its, say, bottom inch or two
>in the water, and not its bottom two feet?  My other question is more of
>just a fun question... a lot of the bamboo offered in the stores is
>curled -- it twists into really interesting shapes.  How in the world do you
>get a plant that grows in straight spikes to turn into a curved plant?  So
>far, the leading theory is that it is basically steamed until soft, then
>reshaped and allowed to harden. . . .

Hey, Joshua.  How's it going over at the NFC?  I haven't been following the 
lists too much lately.  But to the point...

I don't know anything about the plant, but the topic of Lucky Bamboo came 
up around the middle of April.  Look in the archives for "Bamboo".  I think 
it was stated that it's not a true bamboo, but that it could survive in 
only water.  I might be mistaken.  Sounds like a cool plant, though.  Do 
you have any pics?
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee