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Re: Cladophora ball babies

Rachel asked about some algae in one of her tanks and Tom replied:

>Another vote for Cladophora.
>I think it might be the algae ball "babies".
>  Slow growing, seems to likes the current and will pearl also? Attaches only
>to non living surfaces? If those algae balls send out zoospores, they will
>attach and form slow growing clumps. These can be pulled off and floated to
>grow more ball shaped algae.
>I've had it attach to filter pipes and spray bars. NH4 seemed to make it
>produce gametes. It never did that till I added some to several tanks awhile
>back. If you upset the tank a fair amount, this is the likely source. If you
>have a ball or have plants from a  tank that does, that might be where you
>got it.
>If this sounds like your beast, SAE's, shrimps etc will not eat it. It does
>grow slow, doesn't attach to plants and is easy to remove if you want by
>picking it out.

Tom, is it understood why the zoospores won't attach to plants?

Anyone got a Cladophora ball they want to trade/sell?
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee
where it was a perfect day for water skiing.