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Re: Moldy plants?

    * From: "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com>

Some of my plants, and parts of my driftwood, have what looks like a white
mold growing on them It is only growing on old leaves so far. It's a pale
white, slightly slimy to the touch. It seems to be spreading.

Tank details: 72 gallons, 10 months old, 220W, CO2 canister, KH=4, pH=6.8.
Just finished a round of Maracyn. Supplementing N, P, K, Fe, and Flourish.

Help! It's spreading!


This sounds like bacteria growing in response to organics in the water.  I
doubt that it is harming the plants.  Pond snails love this stuff.    The
usual source for organics that make good food for bacteria is a DIY yeast
CO2 generator that burps up some of its liquid contents into the aquarium,
but, since you say you have a CO2 canister, it can't be that.  I would look
for any sources of organics that are easy for bacteria to break down.  Was
the Maracyn an attempt to get rid of the white mold?

Paul Krombholz in summer-like central Mississippi, where brood XXIII of the
13-year cicada is coming up out of the ground only to find that there STILL
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