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Re: ADA and photos

Hey gang,

Thanks to Eric and Madan Subramanian, but i still have
the same problem. I have one 10 gallon I could enter
today, and a 29 gallon that will be *ready* in 3
weeks. I don't own a decent (film) camera and don't
really care to. Digital is superior in so many ways
for the non-pro... 

However, I would love to see my efforts in the ADA
publication, and would be willing to share any loot,
as well as credit with anyone who will put up the
assist in the next couple of weeks.

I know the amount of lurkers outweighs the the amount
of regular contributors to this list....Anyone in the
Delaware Valley with even a modicum of Photography
skills....lend a hand and we'll be heros (in a manner
of speaking;) For everyone else, Get your tank(s) in
the contest, or at least try it. Maybe then we'll have
more Japanese/Eastern attendance in our contest, and
that would be awesome!!

E-mail me on or off-list.

John Wheeler    

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