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OT: Re: Pearling algae ???'s

Dan Resler wrote:
> I'll second this thought - pearling is really just a direct indicator of O2
> saturation, nothing more. Pearling plants also indicate that you are
> driving photosynthesis pretty hard, so yes, you must be doing
> something right. But a lack of pearling does not necessarily mean you
> are doing something wrong, or that something is out of balance or lacking.
> dan

Incidentally, the mistake of reasoning that is occuring, if you assume
that lack of pearling means something bad, happens often enough that
there is a name for it in formal logic.

If you have a situation where "A" implies "B", but you only know that
"A" is true, you know that "B" is also true. That's called a modus
ponens argument. BUT, if you have the same situation ("A" implies "B");
and you only know "A" is not true; and you assume that because "A" is
not true then "B" must also be not true, you have commited the fallacy
of "denying the antecedent".

To make it simple:

VALID (Modus Ponens)
A) Pearling is taking place
B) Everything is ok
If pearling is taking place (A is true), then everything is OK (B is

INVALID (Fallacy of Denying the Antecedent)
A) Pearling is taking place
B) Everything is ok
If pearling is not taking place (A is false), then everything is not OK
(B is false)

Just thought I'd throw in a logic lesson. Sometimes what seems like such
ethereal nonsense actually has applicability to real-life ;-) Sorry if
it's too off-topic for y'all ;-)

Jerry Baker