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Re: CO2 and Reactor placement

Thomas Barr said, regarding placing a CO2 reactor below a tank down in
the stand: 

> Head pressure to get the water up to the top is problem (Pump will
> need to
> fight at least 12 inches of head pressure), gravity flow back is
> great.

If the pump is in the tank and pumps through the tubing/reactor from
the tank and back to the tank -- and the tank is "closed off" from the
atmosphere -- then doesn't the gravity pulling the water down towards
the reactor exactly compensate for the head preasure from gravity that
works against the water going back up.  I.e, when pumping out of and
then back into a tank, isn't the head pressure always 0" regardless of
how high or low the tube goes?  You gain from the siphon on the
downward side but lose all the gain on the upward side, so to speak.  
Of course, tube length and other factors add resistance too.

Scott H.

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