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Re:SF water

Wants a pH of 6.8 from her soft 7.8 pH tap.

> So, how can I lower the pH of already-soft water in a tank that has no CO2
> injection? Can it be done? And what the heck do they put in our water to
> give such bizarre properties, anyway? I know "why," but "how?"

Ahh now why do you want this pH? Is it for the plants or some other reason?
If for the plants then the answer is no.

If for some other reason the answer is yes. Will your plants like this? No.

They want CO2 not an "acid buffer" unless that acid is CO2.

 Check out the pH/KH/CO2 table on the Krib to see this relationship
Peat is also one possibility that you can use also.

As far as weird water, it's Hetch Hetchy water(The _other_ Yosemite valley
they damned up to supply water for SF up in the Sierra Mts) , very very
pure. Go there some time. They have a 1000ft water fall that you can stand
under and the place is extremely spectacular. Less crowds than Yosemite also
but not too far from there.
Tom Barr