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Re: SF water

> On to my questions:
> 1) can anyone give me an overview of what SF tap water is like (Naomi
> mentioned high pH and low levels of dissolved minerals--anything else
> I should know about)?  I would also like to hear about how to adjust
> pH levels with this quirky SF water.

Use baking soda and CO2 only.
www.sfbaaps.com under "references" will give a few things. Read Steve
Dixon's article on the issue. pH in and of it's self doesn't not matter
unless you factor in the KH. Gh should be above 3 or so same for KH. How
high you want to raise the GH or KH is up to you. 5 seems plenty for most
all plants.
> 2) My Anubias are not doing so well.  They were ekeing out an
> existence before the move, but now several leaves have developed
> pinprick holes and then yellowed on the barteri and there's a gaping
> hole in the nana.  Based on SF water parameters, I'm assuming that
> they are deficient in CA or MG and may possibly be suffering from the
> lower CO2 availability in this high pH water.  Or am I seeing
> symptoms of other deficiencies as well?  What can I do to salvage
> them?

CO2, equilibrium, and baking soda.
See article. Go down to the SFAS meetings, SFBAAPS meetings and open houses
and you will learn a great deal rather than cyber learning.
Tom Barr
> Sarah LeGates