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Tim Mortlock asked:
> My first question would be to ask if it is a good idea to put this powerhead
> on the same timer as the lights? That way, when the lights went off and
> photosynthesis stopped, not as much CO2 would be desolved, reducing the pH
> swing.

I would suggest no. I have a DIY CO2 system as well, and you need the
night time to get some CO2 back into the water after the plants have
used it up in the day. DIY systems just can't deliver enough, especially
on a large tank.

> My second question is about lighting. The way I figure it, if I set the
> lighting timers to six hours on, six hours off, there will be two, smaller
> pH swings rather than one larger one.

Again, I would suggest not. Plants have a definite rhythm to them, as
well as do the fish. You will disrupt the daily cycles too much that
way. I understand that some plants are so sensitive that even a flash of
light in the dark (like from a camera) can disrupt their growing habits.
I know this is true of Poinsettia's, if you are into growing terrestrial
plants. For them, they simply will not bloom if you screw up their

I was wondering in an e-mail to Raymond Wong, though, if one could
reverse the "polarity" of night and day. ie: lights on at night when
Raymond gets home, and off in the day when he sleeps. Does anyone know
if this would affect the plants?

Ed Dumas