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Re: What type of plant to hide a filter?

>>The filter is a bit of a mystery unfortunately.  It is sold at my LFS
with the little so-called "Palm Aquariums" though it is not made by the same
company.  The writing is all in what I'm guessing is Japanese, right down to
the barcode!<<

Palm aquariums are put out by AZOO, which is a Taiwanese company. Kinda
their version of Aquababies I guess.

>>Surrounding that will be a piece of
round cork bark, carved until it's as thin a shell as I can make it without
compromising integrity.  This will then have several holes and slots
drilled/dremmeled, sawed into it in inconspicuous places, be siliconed into
place and planted.<<

Corkbark is very brittle and crumbles very easily. You can make it more
pliable by soaking it in water for a few hours, however it should be dry
when applying silicone to it. I have never tried to drill it, let me know
how that goes!

When I buy corkbark, its  curved from the tree. For my purposes, I try and
flatten it out as much as possible to use it as a tank backdrop. I soaked it
in a bathtub for a couple of hours, then pressed it flat and laid a ton of
heavy books on it for 48 hours. After this time it was dryed, and pretty
much flat permanantly...not flat in texture of course as processed cork, but
flat enough to make a nice back drop. I used a band saw to cut it.

Robert Paul Hudson