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Re: Tom Barr's CO2 Reactors

Thomas Barr said :

> I am stopping the production of the CO2 units.
> I will still sell what I have left(about 15 or so) and do a small
> production
> here and there but it will not be through Spectrum desgin plastics
> any
> longer.

Thos of you that are familiar with Tom, his knowledge, his product,
don't need to hear this -- but some of you newer folks should know

It will be a shame if these units aren't available.   They work (100%
CO2 absorbtion!), the price is right, and they get the reactor out of
your tank (in exchange for a very small powehead).

> If folks want to email me directly they can for
> more
> info. As far as shipping over seas etc, it can take awhile first off,
> then
> it can cost a bit also. I did ship to Finland but the pump is not set
> up for
> European electrical power consumption so you may need to get a unit
> without
> a pump if you use something other than US plugs.
>  I should have some ready by Monday of next week(Feb 4th). If folks
> want
> larger models for tanks in the 90 to 2000 gallon range I can make
> custom
> units also. A unit for a 150 gallon would run about 55$ or so
> including
> shipping. I have sump model designs etc as well.
> I am a full time student with a heavy load so I cannot get to the
> shop
> often. It will take some time to complete some units.
> The units will be guaranteed for a few years no matter what I do

and there ain't much that could become broken -- no moving parts except
the pump rotor/impeller.

> except for
> the pumps which are guaranteed by Rio/Taam. I can fix or replace
> parts as
> needed for any of these so you need not worry about that part.
> Doesn't take
> me long to fix anything on them.

We don't want the demand for Tom's reactors to put a time-stress on his
schooolwork, but folks, when is the last time someone offered to sell
something under those conditions -- a warranty beyond 1 year, much less
more vommon limits of 30 or 90 days?

Scott H.

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