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Re: Battle plan

> Subject: Re: Re: Battle plan

> I decided to do the manual removal/waterchange and a 4 day blackout
> first as you have recommended; Operation Kept in the Dark has commenced.
> I only have bristlenose ancistrus in this tank perhaps I should consider
> some other herbivores- what would you personally recommend to accompany
> corydoras, brochis, colisa chuna/sota, and neon tetras? Maybe 2-3
> siamese algae eaters?

If you have algae that is on the edges of leaves or BBA. Otherwise no.
Shrimp are a nice critter and do well with many small fish. They pick the
substrate well. More cory cats can help disturb BGA also. There are many
pleco's to choose from also. I tend to stay with a group of fish from the
same general area. Sometimes it can't be helped.
> I would like a gas CO2 system but I would prefer a complete setup with
> instructions rather than putting individual componenets together and in
> here in Australia I have the choice of Dupla (like I have that kind of
> money to spend! : ), the Carbo-Plus unit (at $380.00 with the
> Replacement Blocks at $59.95- no thanks) or Dave Gomberg’s CO2 System
> $285.00 which has a Regulator, - Eheim reactor, - Eheim Adaptor and -
> Silicone hose but no CO2 bottle.

CO2 bottle you will have to buy there. Have you tried the local commercial
soda distributors? I found they are much cheaper than welding places and
cheaper for the tanks also. Often they sell CO2 regulators too. Home Brew
places are not popular down under? We all those beer drinkers there?
A "kit" consist of a regulator, an adapter you can get at most hardware
stores(one part, about 1$ US) and a needle valve. You can use your filter as
the diffuser if you wish. Cost = 52$+1$+19$ = 72$ plus shipping US$. You can
use a wrench and screw a couple of parts together? Use pipe compound to get
a nice smooth secure fit that won't leak. Add this to the tank you find in
your area.   
> Speaking of Co2 , I came across your external reactor on Aquabotanic(?)
> and now I really really want one- but you can only purchase it in the
> USA. I found it on another site- acrylics and stuff and wrote to them to
> find out if they sell international but didn't receive a reply so I
> assume that they don't either.

I ship over seas but you pay cost of shipping. Finland was 14$ US for that.
Or you can go a faster method for about 50-70$US(!). Ouch.
But be careful that you have the right electrical plug for these USA
electrical code pumps.

> Tom I have to say this unfair! - a horrible injustice to the rest of us
> non USA citizens in the planted aquarium hobby who can't purchase your
> Co2 reactor. Couldn't you persuade one of your distributors to sell
> internationally?

I am the only distributor now. And my production is much more slanted
towards the academic side of my life at the moment but I can send you one or
however many you want if the above sounds okay. It'll be about a week till I
can ship.
So when are we going to get some of those nice Aussy plants? Hummmm? Seeds
will work too:)
Tom Barr
> Thanks for your advice- most appreciated :  ),
> Regards
> Damian.