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RE: Ratio?

> I need to know what the ratio for plants and animals to surface area of a
> pond is. 

Depends on many things. Depth, volume of the pond, plant and fish type etc.
Generally folks keep floating plants in ponds. 25% or more surface area and
a pond often gets choked with weeds. Netting out Hyacinth is relatively
easy. Won't do well in MI in Jan nor will anything for that matter:-) Sag's
are some of my favorite pond plants along with water lilies.

 Is there anything that will kill mosquitos and not harm anything
> else in the pond?

Mosquito fish:-) Call Mosquito Abatement. They will give them to you or you
can get some guppies or livebearers. A blue gill or sunfish would work. Some
sunfish eat small snails which eat algae. Any small tough fish that loves a

>  What kinds of plants would be good for southwestern
> Michigan, and where can I buy some?  Thanks so much!!!!!!

Now? Is the pond indoor? A number of places sell pond plants on line. Many
pond folks like Nymphaea sp or Nuphar. Parrot's feather will do well, you
can grow quite a bit but your growing season is short there. Chicago area
has a few places. South Bend, IN or Grand Rapids area might have some
places. I like to go to the pond places rather than do the MO for the plants
Tom Barr

> Tim