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Stargrass (heteranthera zosteraefolia) experiences

I got some stargrass for the first time a few months ago. Maybe at the AGA
convention (from Arthur?). Anyway, it had taken hold in my 125 gal tank
despite the Montezuma swordtails who seem to like to nibble on them. It
developed into a nice bush, with the stems tending to grow vertically
towards the surface. I have a nice picture of it next to some Eichhornia
diversifolia which at first glance looks very similar (at the time the
Eichornia was not showing any blacking).  When I set up a new 50gal tank a
few weeks ago, I moved some of the stargrass to the new setting. 

Not having paid attention to previous discussions about this plant, I was
quite surprised that it did not want to grow vertically in the new tank.
Instead, it has been growing horizontally.....without any encouragement
thru trimming....and it is  rapidly encroaching on my Eleocharis sp. and
Echinodorus quadricostatus. The nerve!  The new tank has a bit more light,
but is not significantly brighter. 

What can other people say about the tendancies of this weed.