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Re: Reflectors

Paul Krombholz and Bill Lynn write:

> > Any good sources for reflectors for T-8 or DIYs, I am currently using
> > tinfoil to line my light box.
> > These bulbs are staggered over a 5ft tank so the ends of the tank receive
> >
> I use the Coralife "AquaMirror" reflectors with my T8 set up. Works very
> well. I read a usenet post about mirror acrylic as a reflector but dont have
> any experience there.

While retro-fitting my canopy which was a factory unit matching the
tank, I wanted to increase the lighting by adding some reflectors. I
ended up just going to my local glass store and had some mirrors cut for
me out of thin glass. I then glued them to the top of the canopy above
the bulbs using non-solvent based All Purpose Construction Adhesive
(glass store recommended so that it would not take off the silver).
Total cost about $20.00 Canadian ($12.00 US) Cheap, cheap cheap!

This was possible in my canopy, though, because their was no ballast
above the lamps, and the top was flat with no openings or holes. In
contrast, I didn't think I could adapt a factory reflector to fit in,

Ed Dumas