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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1574


Here in Singapore both Neons and Cardinals are very popular.  In my
experience, neons seemed to be quite hardy.  I used to keep some of them
when I was a kid.  At that time, I had no knowledge at all on proper
maintainance of an aquarium.  But I remembered that Neons were the longest
surviving member of my poorly kept tank.

Recently, I have added 9 Neons to my tank and all 9 survived and are doing
quite well.  I have casualties for all other fishes except neons.  I have
talked to the guys at my LFS.  They said that Neons have developed to be
quite hardy creatures over time but not Cardinals... but they have no idea
why it is so.  But it is possible that neons are bred locally and cardinals
are imported.  During my next visit to the LFS, I will ask them more about

The water of my tank was very soft (0-1 dKH) when I introduced my Neons.  I
know that neons and cardinals love soft and also slightly acidic (pH
5.8-6.5) water.

BTW, for quite an extended period of time, the nitrite level in my tank
were out of control and shot up beyond 1ppm.  The neons survived that
without any problem.

BC (Singapore)

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 05:29:56 EST
From: MStark7789 at aol_com
Subject: Frozen brine shrimp nitites

   Douglas, Losing Cardinals within 48 hours seem to be a very common
 The lfs in area won't even order them anymore due to the high losses. I
found this to be true of Neons.Several people have told me this is due to a

fault bred into them in the fish farms of Asia. If this is true I don't see

how they
produce so many millions of them?
    I've had the same experience with cardinals and neons.Since I have been

to locate any cardinals I bought neons and used a drip acclimatization
 Of the 15 neon's I introduced to a 75 planted tank I have lost 1 in four
months and
he had obvious injuries. The 14 are doing very well with no problems.
   I'm adding 30 more in Feb and I think I'll divide them into 2 groups and

use the
standard and drip acclimatization methods to see if there is a difference.
   In your case , high nitrites would obviously be a problem but your
experience is sure
the norm of most people.