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Re: pearling

>Does pearling always occur when you get your lighting
>and CO2 right?

No.  That's only part of it.  In my experience, a
shortage of one or more macro nutrients can prevent
pearling.  Your plants may be growing now, but if you
fix the other issue, they will really take off.  My
plants were growing but not pearling for a while.  I
had been using tap water, but when I switched to
reconstituted distilled, they took off and pearled. 
They were evidently lacking a bit of either calcium or
magnesium.  I'm not sure which yet.  Other times, a
shot of phosphate or nitrate has done the trick.   

So, a more complete picture of your tank might help me
or some of the more experienced people give your
plants that extra boost.  

>Could the water temperature be a factor?  

Yes, but...

>My tank >usually stays with 26-27
>degC (79-81 degF).

Actually, with a warm temperature like that, your tank
is MORE likely to have pearling plants, not less.  As
water gets warmer, it holds less oxygen, so it will
become saturated with O2 from growing plants faster. 


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