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Back on track & Book recommendations

I apologize for stirring the pot concerning the Chinese Fiasco. For most of 
you in the US that's half the world away and doesn't really touch you. It 
scares the S**t iut of the Japanese and the Aussies. As Stan Lee would say 
'Nuff Said!'

Does anyone know about the book Aquatic & Wetland Plants: A Field Guide For 
Non-Tropical Australian Aquatic Plants by Nick Romanowski. saw it at 
Amazon.com and it looks interesting. Is it useful? Be nice to have some 
information about the temperate water aponogetons, lilies, crinums and other 
plants that come from down under.

Edward Venn,
SMG Holdings Co., Ltd.,
Deux Chateaux Blanc 2-303,
1356 Kobuchi, Kasukabe,
Saitama, Japan

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