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Re: RE: Echinodorus 'compacta'

>>Thanks for the info, Tom.
Are there any other swords besides e. 'compacta', e. parviflorus, and e.
tennellus that don't grow monstrous? From what I can tell, e.
cordifolius 'Tropica Marble Queen' stays pretty small, too.  I have
appx. 10" of vertical space to work with.  Suggestions, anyone?<<

Marble queens do NOT stay small, they grow to be just as enourmous as any
Amazon sword. I had one 2 and a half feet tall.

"compacta"swords, which is a Florida Aquatic Nurseries hybrid, has a larger
girth than height, but isnt really a miniature sword. Other than the grass
like Echinodorus, the parvaflorus var tropica is the smallest or shortest to
my knowledge.

Read about it on Dennerle here

As opposed to the much larger "Black Amazon" E parviflorus here:

Erik Olson bought a few from me when I met him at GPAS  a couple weeks
ago...(what a gorgeous production he put together on his trip to the
Amazon....I can still hear those howling monkeys!) I have lots left.

What size plant are you looking for? What leaf shape? There are other
alternatives to swords.

Robert Paul Hudson