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Re: Please help with my hazy water

On Jan. 28, 2002, John <forbem at optonline_net> stated:

> Ed Dumas wrote about water becoming hazy from DIY CO2....

Actually, I was commenting on someone else speculating about a DIY CO2
possibly causing haziness in a tank. I was suggesting that I seem to get
that haziness with the addition of some nutrients, particularly Flourish
Excell, and that it seemed to go away with more light. It may be still,
though, something to do with the DIY CO2 system adding something to the
water that an injected CO2 system doesn't add.

Anyway, John, I agree with you completely. If your DIY yeast mix ends up
in the tank, all hell will break loose! In order to minimize problems, I
keep my DIY system below the bottom of the tank. This eliminates the
problem of the liquid flowing into the tank due to siphoning. BUT, you
still need to make sure that the bottle does not tip over, because the
pressure of the bottle may force some up into the tank anyway, but it
would be slower than siphoning.

I also keep a back-flow valve on the air line to stop water from
siphoning out of the tank when you are recharging the bottle. This was
the first mistake that I made!

As far as I am concerned, using a DIY CO2 system is a temporary measure
until I can save up enough pennies to get a proper CO2 system. I am
convinced that the overall health of the plants, fish, and water will be
better without all that yeast lying around mucking things up.

One last thought for you all. I am an allergy sufferer with Asthama to
boot. When I recharge the bottles, I have learned to dump the contents
down the drain without letting any vapours into the air I breath. If I
am not careful with this, I end up having to take antihistamines to stop
the sneezing, and ventolin to open my lungs! I am convinced that I do
not want this source of allergins in my house any longer than necessary.
Kind of makes you wonder how much better off the fish would be using a
CO2 injection system, don't it?

Some day soon, I hope!

Ed Dumas