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Vortex DE filters and earth

I have been using the Vortex DE filter for several years now and have found it to be well constructed except for the plastic ring that tightens around the clear canister to attach the motor to the canister. I don't know if it warped or what but I had a problem with it leaking. I had to tighten it with a pipe wrench, hand tight would not tighten it enough. I am not sure if this is the proper method. I suppose this is pretty trivial but it caused me headaches. 
     There customer service is good also. I don't work or have any affiliation with them but they have one of the best customer service policies I have seen. I had a problem with the motor after it accidently got dropped and they replaced it for free( my warranty had not yet expired). The turnaround from the time I shipped it in New York to when I recieved the new one was about a week and a half.
     I also wanted to comment about the Diatom earth for the aquatic industry being more expensive than pool filter earth. I remember awhile back someone stating that they found several brands of the pool filter variety to have additions like chlorine in them. I wonder if the manufacturer has to state if it's pure DE earth(without additions), or what the purity is. I am not all that knowledgable about the mining process but couldn't some grades for pools have slight contaminates in them from the manufacturing process?

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