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Please help with my hazy water

Ed Dumas wrote about water becoming hazy from DIY CO2. I had a very bad, much worse experience with yeast CO@ that pretty much changed my mind to buy a compressed system. My two liter yeast bottle accidently got sucked into my canister filter that was acting as the reactor. The yeast water got sucked into the 65 gallon tank and the water turned extremely cloudy. Large water changes over the period of about a week had no effect because whatever little yeast that is left will multiple very rapidly and replaced and yeast that was taken out. They thrive in such nutrient rich environments as our tanks and use the oxygen quickly. I had about half my fish suffacate to death from lack of oxygen. I don't remember how I ended the situation but it was a disaster. I don't mean to put the fear of god into anyone, but I feel that we should be aware of what could happen if the yeast and sugar water happened to get sucked into the tank. I think proper precautions could prevent such an accident from happening to others.

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