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Re:Bleaching Questions

    * From: "don" <don at calimages_com>

>>I posted these questions at compuserve fishnet, but haven't gotten any
response, so trying here.

I used the bleach treatment to kill the algae on some plants cropped from
one tank that has a heavy hair algae infestation, to put into a new tank
with no algae. It has worked great! Over a week since I put the plants in
there and no signs of algae, and the plants have taken root and are growing

Has anybody pulled plants out of an existing tank, bleached them, and
returned them to the tank and had good results? >>

That is the only way of getting plants free of hair algae. If you bleach
them and then put them back in the infested tank, the hair algae will climb
right back on them.

>>Also, does the bleach treatment work on java moss and christmas moss? I have
a funny feeling those would be more sensitive... >>

I havn't had a chance to use the bleach treatment on Christmas moss, but I
know that Java moss is surprisingly resistant to bleach.  It easily
survives 2 minutes in the 5% bleach, which is enough to kill most types of
hair algae.  I recently treated some plants for 4 minutes and I saw that
some entangled Java moss was still looking quite green.  I didn't want any
Java moss with these plants, and so I threw it all away, but it looked like
it would still grow.  Four minutes kills the toughest hair

Paul Krombholz in damp central Mississippi, expecting showers tonight and
temperatures near 80 tomorrow.