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Re: Bleaching Questions

I've done the same thing out of desperation and it has worked 
well...for awhile at least. I also try to determine whatever is out 
of balance in order to keep the algae from recurring. That seems to 
be the best plan of action. I don't bother using bleach or other 
soaks anymore, unless it's on a new plant order.

I like the bleach method, but I've found that rotala and a few other 
fine leaved plants didn't do well afterwards, even when I've lowered 
to soak time. I recently switched to a potassium permangenate soak 
and that seems to work pretty well on all of the plants I've tried it 

I would be afraid to use diluted bleach on Java Moss or Christmas 
Moss, but maybe someone can comment who has done that. I did soak 
some Java Moss in PP with no apparent ill effects, but the moss 
looked bad to start with, so it's hard to judge whether or not it 
harmed the moss.