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Re: Bleaching Questions

I recently did a version of "the big hack" by removing a bunch of
hygrophilia difformis that I have growing on black eggcrate on the back and
sides of my 90 gallon. It was infested with a type of green dust algae and
bladderwort. As I was picking through it and setting aside the fresh tips in
the kitchen sink, I decided to try a mild bleach treatment in the other side
of the sink. I filled the sink with tapwater and added a couple of
glug-glugs of bleach. I would guess that the concentration was about 200:1
water to bleach. It worked great. Within a minute the green dust was gone
and the bladderwort became much easier to remove. I then rinsed the plants
in a bucket of fresh water before returning them to the tank. The new growth
was undamaged and the plants took off like nothing happened. I don't know
where that 19:1 ratio came from, but it may be excessive for certain algaes.