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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1550

I've searched through the archives and have read the chemistry behind the 
pH/KH relationship. My RO water is 6.8 pH but only 1 degree of KH. I want to 
raise the KH to about 5 but don't want the rise in pH. (I know the laws of 
Chemistry go against this) I do operate a yeast CO2 bottle but since it is 
not efficient and CO2 production does vary I don't want to depend on it for a 
lower pH. (I would love to move into at least the decade of the 1980s and buy 
a cylinder and regulator but a lack of funds [and a wife] prevent me from 
doing this.) Is there anything I can do to raise the buffering capacity 
without impacting the pH or depending on the CO2 to lower the pH?