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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1550

On Saturday 19 January 2002 13:48,  Cheryl wrote:

> Hi Y'all. I have some pygmy chain swords that are simply not doing their
> job as a foreground plant. The leaves are more than 8 inches long in the
> brightest part of the tank.

I have "pygmy" chain swords that do the same thing and some that stay small 
and reddish.  As far as I'm concerned these plants are so different from each 
other that they shouldn't be called by the same name.  The green variety 
isn't a very good foreground plant for a small or medium-sized tank.  Maybe 
they would be OK in a big tank.

My preferred way of keeping the "green giant" E. tennellus from getting too 
tall is just to remove the plants that start stretching out.  It only seems 
to be the older plants that shoot up; the younger ones -- given adequate 
light -- usually stay small for quite a while.  They don't need a lot of 
light, but if they're shaded they will reach for what they need. 

Roger Miller