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re: tweezers, tongs, snips, and other instruments of torture

John Wheeler wrote:

I'm not sure all that is necessary, unless you havemoney to burn. IMHO, the 
stainless 8" tweezers I gotfrom True Value for $2-3 are adequate for our 
needs. Ibought a pair of 6" bonsai snips with long handle andblunt tips from 
a garden shop for $10. I'm sure theGerman surgical stainless are very *very* 
nice, but doyou really *need* a $40 scissors or $20 tweezer? I'm just not 
sure the quality and price-tag match thejob description....YMMV.Cheapest 
wishes,John Wheeler


I'm not sure where you did your pricing research, but you obviously didn't 
touch the Arizona Aquatic Gardens website when you responded to my post. The 
12" tweezers I referred to are $12.99, not $20 as you state, and the 12" 
Metzenbaum Scissors are $27.99, not $40 as you state.

If you are going to quote me with a differing opinion, no problem, but some 
accuracy on your part would be appreciated. No need to prejudice folks 
reading your posts against a nice place to get tools by grossly overstating 
their prices. 


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