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Re: Color Temps of Bulbs and likeable colors

Some folks have said that 5k bulbs appear yellow after seeing things
wiht 6-7k bulbs.  If you do this in reverse, things can seem too blue.

Personally I like a mix of 5300 and 6700 bulbs.  But I like to try new

The very best color effect, everything llok the most like it was
sitting in the afternoon sunlight (to my eyes) are the URI Aquasun
VHOs.  The used to be rated at 5k something and now are rated at 10k --
did they change the bulbs or the ratings??? because the old and new
appear the same to me.  But the Aquasuns don't look as bluish as the
6700 PCs nor as reddish, pinkish, or yellowish as the 5300 PCs.  I'm
not that fond of the VHO format in general, but I do like the color of
those bulbs.  The plants seem to like all of these bulbs and I'll bet
water conditions and the total amount of light each make a much bigger
difference in plant growth than do the color temps in triphosphor bulbs
between 5k-10k.  And that's a good good thing -- we can can use bulb
"color"  as part of how we style our tanks.  :-)

Scott H.

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