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Re: schooling of tetras

Mostly separate, in my experience. I've seen some of my lemons hanging out
with the H. pulchers, and my older emperors and black neons sometimes shoal
together as their kindred die off, but the lemons and cardinals haven't
seemed interested in moving around with each other, except by chance. I
suspect that visual cues like color, markings and body shape determine
whether they'll school together. Maybe some kind of "blending" instinct at
work, or some such. Depending on tank size, with that many fish I would
imagine that each species will probably divide into two or more groups most
of the time. Large quantities is the best way to keep those species, btw. I
also like the combo you've picked; should be pretty.

Dan Dixon

> From: MrTorts at aol_com
> Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 01:44:30 EST
> Subject: Re: schooling of tetras
> This may be off topic, but who else am I going to ask?  I tried
> elsewhere, but got no responses.
> If I put a dozen lemon tetras and 3 dozen cardinal tetras in one tank,
> will they form two separate schools, or will they mix into one school?
> Thanks. 
> David Brown
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