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Re: schooling of tetras

> Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 01:44:30 EST
> From: MrTorts at aol_com
> Subject: Re: schooling of tetras
>        This may be off topic, but who else am I going to ask?  I tried 
> elsewhere, but got no responses.  
>        If I put a dozen lemon tetras and 3 dozen cardinal tetras in one tank, 
> will they form two separate schools, or will they mix into one school? 
>        Thanks. 
> David Brown

In my experience, they will school with their own species. If they 
school at all. Mine only ever schooled when startled.

Truthfully, my tank is so stuffed with plants now that schooling is 
rare. There's no room! I am not one bit unhappy about that.

Ummm....How big is your tank that you are going to add 48 fish all at 
one time? Must be nice...

Cheryl who wonders why the CO2 tank ALWAYS dumps on a weekend.


Cheryl Rogers
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