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Plant Question

>    I Bought a few small plants of Anubias barteri var. nana about 4 years
> ago at my LFS were I work part time.  At the time the plants were attached
> to logs, the logs have since been removed and deteriorated.  The plants
> multiplied several times over in this time.
>    My question is this the leaves on my plants are smaller than any other
> plants of the same variety that I have seen in books or in person.  I can
> get many other plants to grow just fine in the tank with normal results as
> expected. Why has this plant decided to go dwarf on me?
>    My water quality is fine from what I have tested. I add Flourish and
> Flourish Iron other than that I have recently started adding CO2 and think
> there my be some change but it is to soon to tell.  I have over 2.5 W/G of
> light and do water changes on a semi regular basis(whenever I
> once every week or so.  Can some one give me an idea why this is like this
> ......
> Just searching for an answer
> Matt W.