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Re: Plant Question

    * From: "Matt Wassenhove" <Wass29 at qconline_com>

> My question is this the leaves on my plants [Anubias nana] are smaller than
> any other plants of the same variety that I have seen in books or in person.
> I can get many other plants to grow just fine in the tank with normal results
> as expected. Why has this plant decided to go dwarf on me?
> My water quality is fine from what I have tested. I add Flourish and
> Flourish Iron other than that I have recently started adding CO2 and think
> there my be some change but it is to soon to tell.  I have over 2.5 W/G of
> light and do water changes on a semi regular basis(whenever I remember)about
> once every week or so.  Can some one give me an idea why this is like this
> ......

There are different varieties and sizes of A. nana.  I got one of the
really small varieties, perhaps the smallest variety last November, and,
even though it has not had much time to grow, it definitely looks almost
half the size of another A. nana variety.

Paul Krombholz in you know where with you know what kind of weather