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power compact fixtures-comparison

Tony is waiting on a power compact fixture from Pet Supply Liquidators, and many of us are interested in the results.  Charlene Nash recently purchased some (I believe) Jalli power compact fixtures from a firm in the midwest, JSK Merchandising in IL, and says they are very nice, (they have a fan, waterproof lens, etc.) but you need to use the little feet to raise them off most tanks, due to the odd fact that the company manufactures them 1" too short for standard 24" or 36" tanks.  So, there could be a "glare" factor on those.  Red Sea also makes a fixture that looks interesting:  Phazer IV XHO which holds four bulbs, has no fans (which is probably bad), has a waterproof lens, and feet, but the dimensions seem fine for on-tank use as well. 
Does anyone have the Phazer IV XHO fixture that would like to comment on it?

Roxanne Bittman