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Phosphate Test Kit

I've been using a Seachem Phosphate Test Kit for about a year now. Before I
started dosing KH2PO4, the phosphate level was so low (~ 0.1 mg/l) that I
didn't think much about it.  But now, on Tom Barr's advice, I'm trying to
keep the level at 0.5 mg/l.  And, lately, I've begun to doubt the results of
the test.  This morning, I tested the reference solution that comes with the
kit and, instead of getting the 1.0 mg/l I should have, I got about half

So, my questions are: Do the reagents "expire" in as little as a year, or is
this test kit inherently inaccurate?  If the latter, does anyone have an
opinion on which of the more expensive Hach or Lamotte kits would be better?

John T. Fitch
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