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Re: Re: dying shrimp


>In terms of the plant/pesticide issue and your
>shrimp, did all the shrimp die immediately or over
>several days time?  My deaths have stretched out
>over 2 weeks.  The new plant sat in the tank for a
>week before they were introduced so maybe if that was
>related, it took longer to kill them due to
>it being diluted somewhat?
My shrimps all died the very next morning. That's why
I believed it was the newly introduced plants. In your
case, over 2 weeks of time, the new plants might not
be the reason.

>What does one do to get rid of any residual's on new
>plants?  Will simply rinsing it do?  I am preparing
>to order some new plants and don't want 
>to do this again if this is what I did.
I would say rinsing the new plants thoroughly but this
might not get rid of some tough chemicals. The best
way of getting plants is from fellow hobbyists, so we
at least know that the plants are safe.

Kean Huat

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