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Re: Diffusing CO2 into filter

On Tue, 1 Jan 2002, John Wheeler wrote:

> I run my CO2 into a HOT magnum and after 1-2 hours of
> the lights being on the outflow contains tons of
> little bubbles. When the lights are off, nothing.
I do the same thing with a Magnum 350 and get the same results.
> My questions are:
> 1. why don't the bubbles happen when the lights are
> off?
I think the bubbles start out as oxygen bubbles that form from saturated
or near-saturated water in the very low pressures around the pump
impeller. The oxygen comes from photosynthesis and the bubbles don't form
when the lights are off or for a while after the lights come on just
because the oxygen levels aren't high enough.
> 2. what kinds of things can I do to stop it?
I haven't figured out a way to stop it. You might see if it helps to clean
the pump inlet, to replace your filter media or to restrict the filter's
flow by putting a valve on the outflow side of the pump. Any of these
things might help to increase pressures at the impeller.
Otherwise you could cut down your CO2 levels or the light levels so that
your plants aren't growing so fast.  But then, maybe that isn't what you
want to do.
Does this happen only with Magnum filters, or does it happen with other
makes, as well?
Roger Miller