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Re: Rainbowfishes

The address:
is incorrect and out of date although we can't pull down the info from
earthstink!  Please use:   http://www.rainbowfishes.org/

If you want to hear about rainbowfishes first hand I will be speaking on
them Friday March 9th in Portland OR http://www.gpas.org/.  And I'll be in
Seattle, WA http://www.gsas.org/ Thursday March 12th.  Looks like good
directions on both sites if you haven't been there before.
I'll also be at the big show :-) the NEC http://www.northeastcouncil.org/
drinking with Mr. Olsen and also talking on rainbowfish April 12th-14th,  &
actually speaking on the 13th.  If the fish keep producing eggs as heavily
as they are right now there will be egg vials/hatching kits available as
well as several varieties of young juveniles that will be offered at the
To subscribe to the rainbowfish mail list:
send email to: majordomo at tip_net.au
with:        subscribe rainbowfish
A lot of it is going to be a lot more technical or perhaps uninteresting
than you might care to hear though.  The archive for the site is now parked
at: http://fish.la.asu.edu/archive/rml

Rainbowfishes with Amano shrimp.  I've got bows in my 210 along with amanos.
The Kribs seem to bother them more.  If I had a ton of gravel showing :-)
and the shrimp were sitting ducks, maybe they wouldn't be there.  However
they come out most evenings to work over the glosso and they could be picked
off then so I guess they are fine.  BTW the new rainbowfish that is in the
Feb 2002 issue of TFH is a lot nicer than the photo shown, or so I am told.
It is expected that in an upcoming issue they will redo the picture with the
correct colors showing, oops.

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com