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RE: Eheim Pre-filter Module

>>I'm thinking about buying the Eheim Pre-Filter Module.
Could someone tell me how deep it goes down into the
tank.  How often do you have to replace the filter pad?
And can you add filter floss in place of the filter
pad?   Also, does it strain the cannister filter to be
pulling water from deeper in the tank?<<

It's adjustable, so it goes pretty much as deep as you want it. You can bury
most of the base in the gravel. I've got one in a 55g (21" high) and have
plenty of room to play with.

Replacement of the pad depends on your setup. I haven't replaced mine
yet...it's like the Eheim coarse filter material in composition, and I just
pull it out every couple of weeks and rinse it well. The replacement pads
are only like a buck and a quarter (US$) so they're not too expensive to
replace if you need to. I think regular floss would clog way to easily at
the bottom of the tank.

I haven't noticed any strain on the filter itself due to the prefilter's
depth in the tank. One plus is that if you inject CO2 into your filter, this
thing is pretty great because it's got a removable plug (for if you want to
use more than one prefilter in series) so it's easy to remove, drill a hole
for a hose connector and insert your CO2 hose right in there.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails seem to love the prefilter pad...I have several
dozen fall out every time I clean it. The only thing you have to watch out
for is that some plants seem to like to root in the pad also, especially
plants like vals or wisteria that reproduce really fast.