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Re: Eheim Pre-filter Module

Chuck MacNaughton answered Mark Hood's question about the Eheim Pre-Filter
module. I'm under the impression that the sponge size of the Eheim
prefilter is rather small. IMO it wasn't designed with the plant waste that
a planted tank can generated from time to time.

An alternative that I and others have adopted is to use the FilterMax
Prefilter (made by Lustar). I use the FilterMax III, which has a coarser
sponge. (I think the II is the same size but has a finer sponge and the
model I is smaller). The hollow sponge (replacements available) rests on a
plastic, slotted inner core. It comes with several adapters for almost any
rigid intake tube and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. It's
easy to clean, but the slotted core is rather thin and can crack if
mishandled (a rubber band solves that problem, however). In any case the
FilterMax III is inexpensive, as are the replacement sponges. Those I know
who have tried it, like it.

Another idea is to buy a medium-size filter sponge, poke a hole in it and
stick it on in place of the Eheim intake basket. (We did this until we
found the FilterMax.) Another advantage of the FilterMax is that the
suction is distributed over the length of the sponge. (If you use a DIY
sponge the suction isn't distributed and the flow can stop sooner -- unless
you drill  more holes in your intake tube ). With *any* prefilter you want
to clean it regularly -- you can usually judge from the Eheim outflow if
you've waited too long :)  Of course the Eheim Pro II's have a flow
indicator, I think.

Eheims are engineered to do efficient filtration by virtue of the large
amount of (good) filter material. Their flow rates are not super high, but
are sufficient; however, this filter efficiency counts on good, *unimpeded*
flow, so be sure to rinse your pre-filter sponge, perhaps at every water

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