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Tank size, CO2 and Lighting for 29G (longish)

Hi all!  Hope everyone had a nice holiday and new year!  I returned home on the 30th to find my 60 gal quite overgrown, yet healthy and algae free.  I had been worried the whole 9 days I was gone that something would be wrong when I got home, but I was glad to find all the fish and plants healthy and happy.

Anyhow, I had a 20L some years ago, and the wood stand was left at my parents house -- they wanted me to get rid of it after xmas, and with some begging, I convinced my fiancee to allow me to setup one last aquarium!  So, I am looking for recommendations on a tank and lighting.  The stand will hold a 30" X 13" tank, so I am pretty much limited to a 20L or 29.  12" of depth is going to be hard to aquascape, but I am wondering whether to go for the 20L or 29, as the added height of the 29 might be good or bad.  Opinions?

Also, for lighting, I doubt I have time to make another custom hood, so I would like to buy something off-the-shelf.  I am considering the following options:
-1x55watt fixture from Oceanic / All-Glass
-AHSupplys 30" hood with 2x28 or 2x40 watt
-The 30" AL Hoods from aquariumsupplyliquidators look to be an interesting option... Anyone ever buy from them?  I too would like a 5500K or 6500K option.  Or a price with no bulbs.
Is 1x55 watt enough for the depth of a 29G? 

Lastly, I am considering splitting the CO2 supply I have in my 60G to supply this tank as it will be on the same wall.  I would need to run about 8-10 feet of tubing to reach the new tank I think.  From what I have read before, this should be okay in terms of CO2 loss with plain silicone or airline tubing, right?  Is the M3 CO2 manifold my only option, or could I just buy another needle-valve and place a Y between my regulator and current needle-valve?  (its the CO2 system deluxe from M3)  Advice appreciated.