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DIY Hood / PFO Endcap Experience?

I finished building my DIY wooden hood this past weekend (it turned out
great -- I will post more about it later this week) and only need to apply
the finish and install the lights.  

I did some more looking, and found "Premium Aquatics" site selling PFO
Rubber Endcaps with cord for 15 bucks each.  They have the Panasonic / 4-pin
square arrangement.  Does anyone have experience with these endcaps, or with
this MO company?  I would have to buy two new 55 watt bulbs with the
square-pin layout in order to use these.

Here is the product in question:

Also, I wrote the following to the list last week, but it never got posted
-- it might have been because the word "virus" was in the subject(?):
"So I got an email virus sent from this Doug Fauls character too.  Something
called the "W32/Magistr.b@MM virus" according to my companies virus software
which intercepted it before I got it.  Perhaps the guy was a member of the
APD and had Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com in his address book and the virus
somehow managed to send itself to a bunch of us... Granted that seems kind
of sophisticated for virus to go through a copy of the APD digest and send
copies of itself to every email address...   Weird.  I would think by now
that this guy would apologize unless this was a deliberate attempt to infect
people with viruses.

So, on to my next question... (Thanks to Scott H. and Bill Witchers for
their helpful responses)

I have read posts from George Booth saying that he never had problems with
standard NO fluorescents without fancy endcaps in his canopies without cover
glasses for years...  I am sure there must be someone on this list that uses
compact fluorescents in a DIY hood without cover glasses...  I guess I just
want reassurance!  My plan would be to have the light fixtures about 5-6
inches above the water.  I also plan to have an exhaust fan.

BTW -- does anyone have any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive
digital camera (<250) that takes decent pictures and will work for taking
shots of aquariums?"

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend.