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Re: DIY Hood / PFO Endcap Experience?

"I have read posts from George Booth saying that he never had problems with
standard NO fluorescents without fancy endcaps in his canopies without cover
glasses for years...  I am sure there must be someone on this list that uses
compact fluorescents in a DIY hood without cover glasses...  I guess I just
want reassurance!  My plan would be to have the light fixtures about 5-6
inches above the water.  I also plan to have an exhaust fan."

I have six CF units in the hood of my large tank and don't use a cover glass
between the lights and the water's surface. The hood has good ventilation at
the back but I don't use a fan. The end caps are holding up just fine to the
humidity (they are the standard endcaps as supplied by AH Supply with their

James Purchase