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Re: Multi tank CO2 system


Even better than making a manifold is buying a
manifold.  Clippard.com makes up to 30 outlet
manifolds.  This is the same company that makes the
needle valves for M3.  Look in their ONLINE CATALOG in
also carry the needle valves and adapters at this
site.  If you can find a local distributor of Clippard
you can save on the S/H.


>>> Am getting ready to install pressurized CO2
system. I wish to run multiple
> tanks, approx. 25, of varying sizes from one system.
Currently using
> DIY/yeast so have no experience with pressurized
tank systems.
> Seeking info on most effective, cost controlled
method to do manifold.
> I am thinking to run CO2 line in similar style one
might use with air pumps,
> i.e. use of T connectors off main line to individual
tanks with terminal
> needle valve to adjust CO2 delivery at each tank.
The tanks are spread about
> in three rooms. I want the convenience of being able
see adjustments made to
> each tank. Would this be a workable system assuming
there are no leaks in
> all those connections. ;-)
> Suggestions, other's experience. All input welcome.
> June

With this many tanks you will have lots (and lots and
lots) of plumbing. I
suggest using semirigid copper tubing in place of
vinyl/silicone for your
main run, and then branching off solenoid valves
and/or needle valves for
each tank. Run the semirigid copper tubing along as a
main run, and put
each solenoid/needle valve near the tank it will
serve. The advantage to
doing this is that the copper tubing will not loose
any CO2 or ever get
brittle like the vinyl/silicone stuff will do. You
will also have a choice
of *lots* of brass fittings since the semirigid (also
known as
refrigeration tubing) copper tubing is used
commercially for all kinds of
things. For really cheap T's you can get commercially
made copper T
fittings and solder them on.

Home Depot sells this in rolls of up to 50' (for 1/4")
for <$50 or so. It's
cheaper than the CO2 resistant stuff, and I know it
will hold up better.


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