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Re: Heating the small tank

Vrondi wrote:
<vrondi at MailAndNews_com>
> is a 
> All-Glass Aquarium "Designer" 4 gallon tank.  It is a rectangular
> shape that 
> sits on one of the small ends.  This is thus a tall skinny tank, with
> relatively little surface area.  Nevertheless, it is cute, it is
> already here, 
> and empty.  So I'm going to take it home and set it up.  I have Java
> Fern, 
> Java Fern Windelov, and Rotala I thinking of sticking in there.  I'll
> have 
> plenty of light.  I found some new extra small cf screw-in light
> bulbs at 
> Lowe's.  These are the same length as normal light bulbs, and so will
> fit in 
> fixtures teh previosu "Twisty screw in cf" bulbs wouldn't.
>      I have flourite, and I"ll hook up DIY CO2.
>      I'm going to look at very small filters this weekend.  This tank
> has a 
> little UGF with it, but I don't want to use that.  I'm thining sponge
> filter 
> may be about my only option.
>      My biggest question is:  How do I heat this thing???  The hood
> fits 
> "seamlessly" so I can't use the heater I have which hangs on the back
> of a 
> tank from a clamp.  Heating ideas please?
>      My other question is inhabitants.  Other than a beta, what might
> you guys 
> put in this mini planted tank?  I thought of White Clouds if I can't
> heat the 
> tank, but they are rarely available here.
>       I await suggestions.
> - -Chrys

Chrys, A few thoughts:

Thre are some mini-glasss tube type heaters around -- made by Hagen and
they are submersible -- with a submersible heater, only a small hole
wuld be required for the cord to pass through.  [Of course, in a small
tank, one hates to take up any room at all.]  You can find them at
ThatPetPlace and probably many other places.


From the HOME screen FISH, then select HEATERS, then go to the second
page of heaters and look for "MINI THERM 25WT 6" HEATER A721 HAGEN"

Another alternative is a small DIY sump for holding the filter and
heater although this alternative will still require altering that hood
-- but only once to pipe water out to and back from the sump tank to
handle filtering and heating.

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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