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Re: Where do I get a CO2 system?

>>I want a pressure tank CO2 system for the 100 gal. I'm setting up as my
heavily planted tank.  I've tried to learn about this online, and it looks
like I need it with regulator, needle valve, solenoid, and emitter/diffuser.
I was going to buy Dave Gomberg's, but he hasn't responded to my emails
my desire to have a solenoid so that it goes on and off with the lights.
ideas where I can get the whole setup?  Thanks.
David S. Brown<<

Marine Monsters has an excellent system with an optional solenoid and high
precision needle valve. Put Tom Barrs external reactor with it, (Spectrum
Design Plastics), and you got one h*** of a system.

Robert Paul Hudson
AB weeky newsletter
Dealership: Marine Monsters, Aquarium Landscapes,
Spectrum Design Plastics, Plant Guild, Bioplast, Florida Aquatic Nurseries,
Oriental Aquarium, African Exports.