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Enclosing AH Supply PCF or Not

I will be purchasing the 4 x 55 bright kit from AH Supply.  I had planned on building a wooden enclosure like the ones they sell.

  Do you need to build an enclosure for the lights or can you mount them to the underside of your hood?  I would rather do that because 1. I don't have to build the enclosures 2. When I lift up my hood I won't have to move around the enclosure to lift up my cover glass.

I would like to hear from anyone who mounted the AH Lights under their hood.  How close are they from the cover glass and how did you mount them.

If I do build the enclosure does anyone know the exact dimensions I would need (LxWxH).  I want to be able to fit this under my existing hood.  And how much airspace should you leave above the enclosure for ventilation?