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RE: Ghost knife fish.


I must have missed your original post, I had to go back and find it!

Anyway, I have a black ghost knife fish I've had for about 4 years.  I made
the mistake once of putting some fish in with him during some re-stocking
sessions I did.  I don't know what I was thinking but he ate 2 of my
cardinal tetras I had put in there for just one day.  It is my experience
that he will eat anything that can fit in his mouth.  And he just loves any
type of live food you can get him!  I'm sure he would treat those shrimp as
a thanksgiving feast!!!

I figured that putting 2 of my sword tails in there temporarily would be
safe, but nope he ate one of those.  (How horrible does that make one feel.
Poor little guy.)  I would only put him with fish that are at least twice
the size of his mouth!  And just so you know, my knife fish is over 15
inches now.  Hope he's in that 67 or 125 gallon you mentioned!


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Thanks to everyone for the answers!

Based on what I've received in email and on the list, it looks like my ghost
knife is too big for his britches (8 inches) and my 3 Clowns (4 inches each)
are having some unauthorized snacks..

CATCHING THEM is going to be living heck.. ;>



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> It's entirely possible that your knife is snacking on them.
> Despite conficting reports/information, my amano's (in
> several different tanks) don't seem to be reclusive at all...